Benefits of Dance:

1- One of the most important benefits of dance is the physical contribution of the body. The student’s body is more flexible, stronger and more elegant. Dancing exercises are always performed by stretching muscles, making the musculoskeletal structure and body lines more beautiful, elegant and thin.

2- A student taking dance education learns the right and healthy nutrition in his daily life. Thus, an important problem of our age, the overweight body structure and the wrong way of nutrition is removed.

3- Dancing education also contributes to the correction of posture disorders. Dance exercises provide significant benefits in terms of treatment of the lower level (flat foot), inward thrust, leg deformation, and certain curvature of the spine.

4- Because it is an out-of-school activity, it enables the child to socialize and make different friends in another environment. It also reinforces the ability to act as a group and individually and to take responsibility.

5- Dancing (Modern Dance Street Jazz Dance), due to the fact that it is a stage form, develops abstract thinking and finding direction in space. Due to its structure based on repetition of movements, it also affects memory and concentration positively.

6- Dance education imposes a certain amount of responsibility on the child and helps the child to acquire self-help skills. As a result of the education the student provides the internal discipline.

7- Taking part in the end-of-year performances and in-year organizations held at the end of each educational year, enables the students to meet with the stage at an early age. In this way, dance students learn to rehearse process, waiting for backstage sequence and stage view. This is one of the most important steps to bring them to professionalism.

8- Dance training is a long-term education and it is a very difficult process. Students are kneaded over the years with great dedication and effort and are trained as future artist candidates. In the education curriculum, along with moderns education, they are also equipped with improvisation and creativity, world dance forms (Tarantella, Polka etc.), street jazz, dance history, costume-decor and anatomy classes.

9- With dance education, students learn to interpret their environment and the world, to ask questions, to question and to establish reasoning. Ballet and dance student intellectually also the navy and allows the separation around.

10- As a result of many years of ballet and dance training, students have a great way of being a good artist candidate and most importantly a good person besides being a happy social activity.