Dancing is an alternative way for the child to express himself / herself.

Whatever the kind of dance your child chooses, dancing promotes the child’s self-confidence, emotional development and physical development. The important thing is to find your child’s style of dance and find the right instructor.

Develops Dance, Learning and Attention Skills.

Plans to become a skilled dancer, strategy development, discipline, focus are important skills and these skills are required in many parts of the child’s life. Dance classes stimulate children’s creativity skills, fire their curiosity for art. It has been determined by research that children who regularly attend dance classes are more academically successful, especially in terms of mathematics and science.

It improves dance, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Children learn certain stances and movements within dance classes, so they know their bodies better. Self-esteem and self-esteem of these children who are closer with their own bodies are higher. It was determined that the children’s perceptions of the body were more positive and that they were better at expressing themselves. This positive contribution is particularly important for children with psychological or developmental difficulties.

Dance strengthens social relationships.

Dancing does not only mean that the child does a physical activity, but dance is also a very social phenomenon. Dance lessons improve the communication and social skills of the child. The child experiences working with a team, making friends, collaborating and trusting others. If your child is shy, his or her peers, a flexible, programmatic dancing course where the trainer is understanding and supportive may be useful.

Dance provides healthy physical development

Since dancing is a physical activity, it is possible to observe positive changes in the physical development of children who continue to dance regularly. Dancing regularly increases the child’s flexibility, balance and physical strength. Repeated movements in the patient contribute to a healthy muscle development. At the same time, the eating habits of a child who is engaged in sports like dancing is also healthier.